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Material Supply

  • Lower Cost
  • High Quality Material
  • Industry Leading Capabilities


SRS has a unique ability to improve ingot production and efficiency by 20 percent or more at a lower incremental cost of polysilicon to the ingot grower.

A facility with substantial sorting, sizing, and etching capabilities

Ventura, CA processing facility has industry leading capabilities / technology – $20M+ invested
Processed materials typically have <1 ppbw of total surface metals (on aggregate of 18 metals)

Current size reduction capacity of over 1,500 MT per year of materials

Facility can be expanded to over 7,500 MT per year of sorting, crushing and etching capacity
Current etching capacity of up to 1,500 MT per year
Long-established service partner with over 20 years in the industry

Products & Service


SRS has developed a unique sizing process using TEOSS thermal cracking resulting 3 primary sizes of chips.


  • Very clean material leads to an improved dip ratio and reduces impurity-based LOS events.
  • Etched material reduces initial meltdown time.
  • Greater initial charge density increases throughput per heat cycle.
  • Feedstock enables top off and recharge technologies.
  • Essential to CCZ production.
  • Excellent morphology (cubic) minimizes potential for feed tube obstruction.


  • SRS unique “etching” capabilities satisfy 200mm semiconductor specifications:
    • SRS products typically have less than 1 ppbw of total surface metals (on aggregate of 18 metals)


  • Unquestioned stability for long-term supply of high-quality material.
  • Ability to provide a “target charge” of chunk and various chip sizes depending on application.
  • Flexibility of chip size range to suit specific production campaigns.
  • Chip size tailoring generally not available from other suppliers.


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