SRS is the premier service provider for OEM polysilicon manufacturers as well as downstream crystal growers.  Our extensive capabilities enable our customers to reclaim off-spec polysilicon and remelt materials, which are an inherent part of every manufacturers growing process.  These services, which provide crucible-ready materials, are provided at a fraction of the cost of repurchasing virgin feedstock.

Polysilicon Service:  SRS works with OEM polysilicon manufacturers to upgrade the fall-out inherent in their growing process.  As many of these OEMs are semiconductor silicon producers (99.999999999% pure), any fall-out or process deviation must be downgraded and sold to solar customers as it no longer meets the semiconductor product specification.  Understandably, this creates a substantial loss to the OEM.  SRS can substantially reduce this challenge by taking these off-spec products and upgrading them back to a state usable for semiconductor processing.  Additionally, with SRS’ innovative processes, the size of the material can be custom tailored based on end customer requirements adding tremendous value to the OEM.

Remelt Service:  As with every crystal grower’s process, there are fall-out remelt materials such as tops, tails, and slabs (wings) representing ~25%-30% of the initial charge.  As every crystal grower’s process is designed with the reuse of these materials, it is critical that they be properly reclaimed in order to keep the process cost effective.  SRS provides this service customized to each customer’s requirements and includes testing, inspection for foreign materials, breaking, sizing, and acid etching.  The cleaned material is then bagged in our Class 1000 clean room, boxed, and shipped, crucible-ready, back to the customer along with a Certificate of Analysis.