Our beginning was a difficult one. In 1996 with a major shortage of silicon feed stock for the solar industry SRS was asked by (at the time) the largest solar manufacturer in the world to try to “clean” their pot scrap. We tried for 2 months until the first successful single crystal ingot was grown from un-etched pot scrap. This was a first for this industry.

With the tight market conditions for feed stock and this company’s worldwide relationships they were able to secure a large supply of pot scrap from all over the world and had it shipped to SRS in Oxnard, California. Now we had to follow up the success of our tests with the same quality for production. That was not an easy task, however we did it, over and over again with great success.

Now with over 25,000 metric tons of SRS processed material in solar cells worldwide, we are the world leader in silicon feed stock processing for the solar and semiconductor industries.

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It is SRS’s core business to take unusable silicon and process it into usable feed stock for solar and semiconductor applications. Many poly silicon manufacturers have tried to sell this type of material into the solar and semi industries directly without success, due to contamination and/or impurities.

These are not the only problems for suppliers. There are sales, support, handling, and claims. This is where SRS comes in. There is no hassle; we sell all of our products as just that, “Ours”.

We process and certify all materials in our plant with no disclosure of our supplier’s names. We sell it directly to solar manufacturers in our own proprietary boxes and assume all responsibility for the quality, with no repercussions to our suppliers.

Being qualified for “crucible ready” silicon is something that has been needed for the solar industry for years and SRS has and will continue meeting those needs. Under current market conditions it is difficult to continue to grow. However SRS has experienced growth every year since its inception.

Part of our success is from our aggressive approach to the solar industry. We will continue to look at the future of this industry and try to stay one step ahead of their needs.


Mission Statement

SRS, LLCĀ provides products and services that support the growth and technological development of the worldwide photovoltaic and semiconductor industries.

We will conduct business with long-term vision in an ecologically sound and fiscally prudent manner.

We will foster relationships within the solar energy and semiconductor communities that will contribute to the success of its overall activities.

We will strive to be good citizens within the industry and our community as a whole.

We view our employees as our most valuable resource and they will be provided with a safe and rewarding workplace in which they can grow and advance.