• All grades of silicon.
  • Automated line capable of custom and standard jobs.
  • Removes surface impurities up to and beyond 100 microns.
  • Cleanroom protocols established & practiced.
  • Well-trained staff with technician, Site Worker, and Supervisor level HAZMAT training.

  • Two acid etch stations holding up to 66 gal.
  • Air agitated acid & rinse tanks for homogeneous etching.
  • Ultrasonic & heated rinse tanks.

All Polysilicon Results:

Total of All 6 Elements (Cr,Cu,Fe,Ni,Na,Zn)

< 1.50 ppbw

All Remelt / PS Results:

Avg.(Al,Cr,Cu,K,Ni,Zn,Fe,Ca,Na) =< 1.00 ppba

Our etching services allow our customers to use all materials as received without any further processing required.

  • Final inspection & bagging is conducted in a Class 1000 Clean Room Environment.
  • Poly bags & gloves are used to maintain the purity of etched material.

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